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I deeply believe that you have Superpowers within and it is my Mission to help you unlock it to live your greatest Life. Are you ready to become an A-Player?

Hi! I`m Yannik.

Until 2015, I was incredibly shy, insecure and very lonely. But at one point I decided to not accept the Life I was given and reinvent myself to unleash my full Potential.

As a result, I geek out about Leadership, elite Performance, Personal Development, Psychology and anything else that helps us reach our full Potential.

I coach, write and teach with one Purpose in mind:

Helping you reach, sustain and outgrow the next Level in Performance and Leadership while living a gorgeous life!

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Until 2015, I wasn`t living the Life I wanted to live. I was incredibly shy, insecure and very lonely. In the Winter of 2015, I had hit rock bottom. And that has been the moment where everything changed!

During that time, I had just moved to another city to study Business, had no friends and the first woman I had ever opened up to had just left me. I wanted to quit. I wanted to move back home to my parents, where I would`ve continued to numb my pain through video-games and movies.

But somehow, this time, I knew that I couldn`t continue living like that. So I searched for help and found my first Personal-Development-Book. It changed my Life.

Over the next six months I focused on nothing else than becoming more open, confident, meeting new people and overcoming my fears. It has been the hardest thing I´ve ever done. There were more than one moment when I wanted to quit. But after six months of hard work on myself, I had completely  reinvented myself.

Since then, I`ve gone further and father than I ever believed to be possible. I realized:

Every single one of us has Superpowers within, and we`ll probably never fully reach our Limit. So, if we have it in us, why not live an absolutely extraordinary Life in every aspect and transform the World in our own unique way?

BUT: We`re not taught how to become EXTRAORDINARY. We`re not taught how to change the World and live a Life that you`re truly proud of. To become true A-Players in our lives, we`ll need to commit to our own personal and professional Mastery. 

In other words: nothing changes until we change. Leadership starts with us. And it is my Mission to help you transform into the A-Player you were destined to be, so you`ll elevate Humanity, make your desired Impact and live a gigantic Life. 

You have the chance to be EXTRAORDINARY. Are you ready?

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Why do Top-Athletes have a Coach? Because they know that they become so much better when they`re being coached and trained, and frankly, have someone who`s telling them when they`re off course. 

The A-Players in Life and Business do the same. That is why I`m offering you to be your Coach and Trainer, every single month. 

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Free eBook: "Top-Performance Habits"

Learn about the 9 key Habits that Top-Performers share, which help them live in a peak stateachieve more while doing less and live a gorgeous Life. PLUS, you`ll also receive access to invaluable Video-Training, the Audiobook and my One-Page-Habit-Implementation-Plan. All valued at 297€, yours free today!

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