Hi, I am Yannik.

Born in 1994. Raised in southern Germany with 2 younger brothers.

I spent all my Life trying to figure out how to actually live your Life! As a teenager I was shy, quiet and insecure. I hadn`t figured out anything. I was miserable and lonely. I would have never believed that there is a Leader within me! 

At 21 years old, I stumbled (by accident) into Personal Development. And I went on a long, hard and painful journey to rediscover myself and find the Leader within me! 

My mission today is to share the Leadership- and Life-Lessons that I learned to empower you to be the Leader of your Life and make your difference right now.

Today, I live with my girlfriend and my daughter (born in 2018) in Cologne, Germany. My family is my inspiration, as I want to leave a better world behind for my daughter. 

Every day I take at least 1,5 hours to learn and grow. For almost 5 years now I have meditated every single day. I also love to do long nature walks and lots of sports.

Travelling has been a passion of mine for all of my life. I`ve been to almost all of Europe, to the US, Guatemala and Mexico. But there is still a lot left to discover. 

Why I coach aspiring Leaders!

We need more Leaders today. The World seems to be a dark place today and we need Leaders to bring light into negativity, blame and distrust! That is my mission! I want to enable you to be the Leader of your Life and make a difference in the World! I will do everything in my Power to make you the best "YOU" you can be. 

It took me years to figure out to get where I am today! I want to save you that time! Because you got to make your difference! You don`t want to read hundreds of books about Leadership and Personal Development and sometimes still feel stuck! You don`t want to take 20 different Online-Courses, go to 10 different coferences and seminars and still don`t know exactly what to do! YOU need the knowledge on the implementation basis. YOU need to know how to get there! That`s why you are here! 

And that is why I do the work for you. I take in as much as I can about Leadership and Personal Development and put every single thing to the test. Everything I teach I implemented into my own life. No theoretical researcher who suggests something could work. I know my stuff works, because I am doing it myself! 

No more wasting time for you! You are here for speed and I am going to give it to you!

P.S.: What works for me must not work for you, you still got to experiment and test yourself to see what works for you.

Defining a Leader

Everyone can be a Leader. You don`t have to have a title, a fancy business, lots of fame or money to be a Leader. You don`t need anyone`s permission. The fact that you are here on this wonderful planet gives you the permission to lead. Leadership comes from within. You can be a Leader.

But: Leadership is a choice. And Leadership is hard. Though the rewards are worth every pain and struggle you will experience.

How do I lead?

Raise your standards. Dedicate every day to mastery. Treat others like loving, fellow human beings. Be a role model. Help others grow. Act upon your values. Show vulnerability. Be scaringly transparent. Show gratitude. Follow your dreams. Serve Humanity. Be authentic. Be Loving. Try to grow every single day.

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