If you`re not doing these 8 Practices, you`re not as productive as you think!

“Elite health, creativity, productivity, relationships, and life require complete and regular recovery.” — Benjamin Hardy, PhD

At 11 years old, Kobe Bryant played in a Summer League in Philadelphia. And he didn`t score a single point.

One of the greatest Scorers in NBA-History — at 11 years old, he played an entire summer and didn`t score once. He was terrible.

He knew he wasn`t going to catch them in a week. Or a month.

He knew he needed to get strategic. Think in the longterm.

So he went to work. Getting better.

Practicing open shots. Threes. Contested shots.

Just 1% improvement every day. Every day.

The rest is history.

He went on to become one of the Best NBA-Players in the History of the Game.

But how does something like that happen?

Relentless attention to detail!

Most never dedicate their attention to those small details.

Because they seem so ridiculously unimportant.

Kobe saw that in a different light.

By doing and always improving the small thing, the fundamentals, he was able to quickly surpass almost all of his peers.

Small things become BIG things. Always!

Over time, he became unstoppable.

It´s all about improving just 1%. Every day.

Source: James Clear, https://jamesclear.com/continuous-improvement

Dedicate yourself to becoming better every day. Just 1% every day.

Because that´s how you`re going to become the BEST at what you do.

And that´s how you´re going to become irreplaceable.

You`re literally inoculating yourself against disruption, crisis and chaos.

There´s always going to be room for the best.

All it takes is a different Mindset, a dedication to the smallest of details and a desire to be more, learn more and grow exponentially.

It all starts right here.

In this Article, I want to highlight 8 simple practices that you can do instantly to elevate your entire Productivity.

Are you ready?

1. One space, one use

“Location has energy, time has memory!” — Jay Shetty

Every location we repeatedly spend time in has a certain kind of Energy associated with it!

When you`re working, you want to be focused, creative, productive!

When you`re sleeping, you want to be relaxed, having the best quality-sleep possible!

When you`re meditating, you want to have a deeper connection with your mind, heart and soul!

When you`re eating, you want to be mindful and present!

When you`re watching some Netflix, you want to be entertained!

But here`s the thing: we try to do everything all at one space. We`re mixing up the energy of that particular space!

We eat where we sleep. We are distracted where we work. We meditate where eat!

But those kinds of activities all require a different kind of energy!

They require you to be in a different kind of mental and emotional state!

So, what happens when we mix up the Energy of a Space?

Our sleep suffers. We wake up multiple times per night. We suffer from insomnia!

Our work suffers. We`re distracted a lot and have problems with really focusing on that one thing at hand!

Because time has memory!

Being distracted one time at work isn`t the problem. Doing it regularly is!

Because your brain memorizes those feelings. Your brain is designed to save you a lot of energy!

But what happens?

You`re in your office and can`t really focus, because your brain believes it´s time to be distracted!

You`re in your bedroom and you can`t sleep, because you´re brain believes it`s time to eat!

You`re on your dining table and can`t really enjoy your meal, because your brain believes it`s time to be on your phone!

I think you get the point. So, what should we do?

And you don`t need to have a big home in order to do this!

The tiniest of space can be dedicated for meditation!

That one chair is dedicated for work!

The bed is dedicated for sleep!

If you start applying these, you relocate the energy of that space towards the thing you actually want to do. And when you do, you´ll save yourself energy to get into the right state of mind. Into the right kind of energy!

You`ll be more focused. You`ll be more productive. More joyful. More connected. More relaxed!

A simple change in locational energy can have a profound impact!

Takeaway: One space, one use!

2. Morning Power

“Own your morning. Elevate your life!” — Robin Sharma

But most people start their day in emergency!

They check email, Social Media and Messages first thing in the morning!

But what that does is this: it sets you in a reactive state of mind already. And that`s not a place where YOUR projects get some progress!

You`re jumping into other people`s agendas. First thing in the morning!

The effects of that?

You have trouble refocusing on what`s truly important!

Your creativity vanishes. Because you`re reacting instead of creating!

You haven`t set yourself in a peak state of mind. So you have trouble being in a peak state of mind the entire day!

You haven`t spend any time connecting with yourself. You`ve let everyone else into your life, but not yourself!

You haven`t taken any time to center yourself for the day ahead!

You haven`t taken any time to inoculate yourself against disruption by taking the time to study your craft!

A better way to start your day?

Journal. Write down the insights you had in your subconscious during your night`s sleep. Plan your day ahead. Visualize what success would look like!

Exercise. Move. You`ll have so much energy for the entire day, you`ll be unbelievably hard to stop!


Study. Take the time to study your craft. So you`ll develop the ability to see around corners like a Steve Jobs could!

Robin Sharma says it beautifully: “Education is inoculation against disruption.”

All you need is one great hour in the morning, working on yourself, developing your craft, expressing your creativity!

You`ll be set for an amazing day. Just one hour. And trust me, you have that one hour!

I know you´re busy, but here`s what happens when you take that one hour for yourself…

… you´re mentally sharper!

… you`re much more energized!

… you`re able to stay present in all the storms, chaos and crisis of the day ahead!

… you´re deeply connected to yourself and your own being!

And. So. Much. More!

Just one hour. That´s all you need. Give yourself this gift, when you wake up tomorrow morning!

Stick with it over 30 days and you`ll see how your life already changed!

Takeaway: Without a strong morning routine, you aren`t really tapping into your full potential!

3. Pit stops every hour

“Sometimes when we take a break, we may find that solutions then present themselves.” — Catherine Pulsifer

Imagine two different scenarios:

Scenario #1: you are powering through your day, 8, 10, 12 hours straight without a break.

Scenario #2: you take a break to refresh every single hour.

Who`s going to be more productive, more creative one week from now? One month from now? One year from now? One decade from now?

I, with great love and respect, suggest that the one taking a break every hour will be far ahead of the one powering through their days!

I`m not even sure, if the one powering through all day will be even in the same game anymore!

I´ve just seen it way too often. People being completely exhausted from work!

I`ve been there as well. And I thought working those 7, 8, 9 hours was the problem.

But it wasn`t. I just did what everybody did.

I gave everything I got. All of the time.

Seldomly did I take a short break to just realign myself. To refresh. To reorganize my priorities!

High stress is necessary. But so is deep recovery!

In the meeting next week, who´s going to come up with tens of ideas?

Who`s going to be more productive — today, next week, next month, next year?

I bet it´s the one taking a break every single hour. And we have proof from science.

The largest study ever done on Productivity by the Draugiem Group showed that the most productive employees where the ones who took a break every single 52 minutes.

Every 52 minutes. Followed by a 17-minute break!

What´s your break-schedule?

Now, full transparency. I`m not taking a 17-minute break every hour. But I`m taking at least a 5-minute break. Every single hour!

To completely detach. To get away. To let my mind play a little. To activate my body.

So what can you do in those breaks?

Take a walk. Chat with a coworker. Do a short meditation to release stress. Read in an inspiring book. Reactivate your body by doing some body work like Yoga, Stretching, etc. Set an intention for your next period of deep work!

Then do another sprint of 52 minutes.

You`ll be amazed how much more progress you`re making.

Because here`s the thing: when all you do is powering through, you´re not even noticing when your Productivity tanks. When you´re slowing down.

And you`ll have the stamina to actually work on your craft for the next years and decades. Without exhausting yourself. Actually being able to harvest the rewards of the seeds you`re seeding today.

One last point on this: you`ll stay deeply connected to your craft. Because otherwise, when you´re chronically exhausted, your mind starts to link the feeling of depletion to the purpose itself. Your mind will start to tell you that you´re pursuing the wrong purpose, when in essence, you just needed a few more breaks!

What´s your break-schedule from now on moving forward?

One tip: set an alarm before you start another sprint. Because otherwise, you will forget!

Takeaway: Take a break every hour. Set an alarm. Just try it for a week. You`ll see!

4. Limit distractions

“An addiction to distraction is the end of your creative production.” — Robin Sharma

Did you know that the average north American is spending 38 minutes per day on Facebook alone?

Do you know how much that is costing each and every one? How much depth in relationships, productivity and contribution is being lost, every single day?

Let´s do the math here real quick:

38 mins x 7 days = 266 minutes = 4.4 hours per Week

= 17.7 hours per month = 212 hours per year

212 hours = 8.8 full days, 24/7


That, of course, is not exact science, but can you imagine how much that is costing us?

Now, I`m not saying those aren`t incredible tools.

But we need to be careful how much time we spend just browsing and scrolling.

I bet you know the feeling when you just wanted to check a message and 30 minutes went by just like that, right?

The time the amateur is wasting, the A-Player is exploiting.

I highly suggest that you limit how often you are allowed to pull out your phone.

I also highly suggest that you start asking yourself in such a moment when you do want to check Social Media or the News: “What´s the best use of my time right now?”

And lastly, I highly suggest that you turn off push notifications.

Because each time you get another notification, you`re being pulled into the anxiety, speed and reactivity of the outside world.

Yes, check your messages. But almost all of them can wait until a few hours or even the next day.

For our best creative, most productive work, we have to get into the wilderness. We have to disconnect. And we also have to have time where we can completely unplug from the world.

That´s how you`re getting more done in a day than most people in a month!

Takeaway: Limit your use of Technology per day. Reclaim your time!

5. Focus

“Until the one thing is done, everything else is a distraction.” — Gary Keller and Jay Papasan in “The One Thing”

Despite what everybody´s been telling you, human beings are not made to multitask.

And studies have clearly shown that multitaskers are actually doing a lot, but aren`t really getting anything done.

I know that is a tough pill to swallow for all you multitaskers out there.

Doesn`t mean there aren`t some Multitaskers out there, outperforming their peers.

As a multi-tasker you`re just leaving so much on the table.

And at some point, it will be impossible to get away with multitasking.

Because in order to reach elite Performance, you`ll need to reach ultra-high levels of Excellence, Creativity and Productivity!

And that´s absolutely impossible to pull off when you`re multitasking.

Because what happens is this: you`re constantly switching gears, figuratively speaking. You`re constantly changing bandwidth.

You´re not actually focusing on multiple tasks at once.

You`re constantly switching between them.

And that takes away all your creative and productive Power.

But if you just focus on one project at a time, you can put all your creative, productive Energy into it. You can serve with unbelievable amounts of Excellence.

And that´s how you build a Movement. That´s how you build an Empire. That´s how you build a Career.

When there`s nobody who can do what you do, you become irreplaceable to the Marketplace.

You`ve reached such a Level of Mastery, there`s just no Competition. You`re playing at rare-air!

Takeaway: do one thing at a time. Always!

6. Scheduled off days

“Have a day off, …, it`s a nice way to take your mind off the game and just go out and relax and have fun.” — Stephen Curry

Highly demanding situations are necessary for growth. But so is recovery. Because in that deep recovery, completely away from the noise and stress, that’s when growth actually happens.

Just think about when you´re working out: you´re not growing your muscles in your workout. You´re growing your muscles in recovery.

That´s why we need to have deep recovery scheduled into our calendar.

Both each and every day, and also every month, quarter and year.

Bill Gates used to take a “Think Week” twice per year.

And they are exactly what it sounds like.

Twice per year, he would get away from all the noise, to read, think, plan and contemplate on new ideas.

Now, you don`t have to do two whole weeks per year.

But when you`re not taking at least one day off per week, you haven`t been tapping into your greatest Productivity, Creativity and Growth yet.

Have you ever noticed that your best insights come in the shower, while excercising or playing around with the kids?

When you give your conscious mind a break, that´s when your subconscious mind gets to work to process, reframe and rethink.

That´s how you generate new, disruptive ideas and insights.

Takeaway: take at least one day off per week, schedule your Think Weeks and Vacations. Then stick to the plan!

7. Clear boundaries

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say “No” to almost anything!” — Warren Buffet

Busy work is not the same as doing our life`s work.

The one is just doing a lot. The other is getting a lot done.

And we need clear boundaries to make sure we focus on the right thing.

We need clear boundaries to actually use our time most wisely.

Because when you don`t set boundaries, they`re going to be violated. Because you don`t have any.

And that´s the fast track to misery.

You need to know the one thing, the one project which is moving the needle forward the most.

You need to set clear boundaries on when to work and when to pull away.

Because long hours often are just a result of having no necessity to actually accomplish something in time.

No necessity leads to dabbling around.

Dabbling around is a waste of time.

Set clear boundaries. Stick to them consistently. Plan accordingly. Prioritize your projects first.

Until they´re not done, everything else is a distraction.

Takeaway: Say “No” more often and set clear boundaries and days off!

8. Excercise

“Sweat more in training, bleed less in war.” — Spartan Warrior Credo

Exercise is inoculation against stress, chaos and crisis.

When you´re not in the best shape of your life right now, you´re not accessing your fullest potential.

It´s as simple as that.

When you are strong, you feel strong.

You can demand more of yourself, because you have more Energy to give.

You`ll be sharper mentally.

It´s the easiest way, hands down, to increase someone`s Performance!

Takeaway: Exercise daily. Strengthen yourself. Generate more energy!


Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.” — Robin Sharma

Pay attention to those small, tiny details, take action right away and you can instantly upgrade your Productivity massively!

1% better each day. That´s the key.

Start with mastering the basic, simple things we talked about in this Article.

Constant evolution is the big key to elevated Performance.

It´s not about that one disruptive, revolutionary act…

… but about those small, tiny acts of personal evolution that lead to you being an overnight success.

All it takes is 1% improvement every day, to completely reinvent yourself in a matter of months.

To reach that next LEVEL of Productivity, Performance, Creativity and Impact!

Can you do all of them?

I bet you can. Start now. Implement now. Improve now.

Why wait to make those small, tiny improvements that you know will make a difference?

What if you could double your Productivity?



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