Can Introverts become Leaders? Why Introverts make good (or great) Leaders!

Would you like to be a great Leader, but you think as an Introvert you´re not meant to be a Leader?

Well, I`m going to challenge you on this one right here. I identified heavily with being an Introvert for such a long Time, but what I had to realize is that being an Introvert doesn`t mean anything, unless you decide that you`re not going to do something great because of it.

The Truth simply is that many Introverts play small in Life (I did), because they believe that they haven`t hit the genetic Lottery. But your Genes say nothing about your Personality. Your Personality is formed through Experience, and once we understand that, we need to realize that you can train yourself to be in any Way you want.

I had to do this. I was incredibly shy as a Teenager. But if you see me today, you wouldn`t believe that I was so shy. And that´s simply because I decided to be different. I decided to become a great Communicator. I decided to become a great Leader. And you can make that Choice too. And I hope that this Video will help you tremendously on your Way towards Greatness!

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