How to become the Million Dollar Version of yourself!

As I started my own Business, I had never made any Money before (I transitioned directly from finishing College to my own Business). Sales and Marketing freaked me out (kind of). And I heavily underestimated my own Worth. 

But on the same Hand, I had to provide for my Girlfriend (she was still studying) and my Daughter. I had some Savings. But they were only going to last for a couple of Months. 

I felt this Pressure to make Money. And soon, I shifted into Scarcity-Thinking. Something I had never done before. I always had have enough (although I had a Moment in College were I was at 0). What I needed to learn that Money and Abundance (and how much you have) is mostly determined by how you feel and think on the Inside. 

And in this Video, I`d like to share what I learned along the Journey (although I haven`t hit a Million Dollars in my Business yet. But how I see Money has completely changed.). I hope it serves you really well!

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