9 simple Practices to disconnect from work every day!

Do you sometimes have trouble with disconnecting from work? Your Mind is constantly there, even though you want to take some Time to recover or you want to sleep?

“Elite health, creativity, productivity, relationships, and life require complete and regular recovery.” — Benjamin Hardy, PhD

Recovery is absolutely Key to our longterm Success and Fulfillment. So how can we integrate Recovery into every Day...
... so that we`re feeling fresh and energized one week/month/year from now?
That`s what I sought out to answer in this Video. Because I had to figure this out myself.
In 2018, I was working 8-10 Hours every day. Because I believed that I would be able to progress faster, if I did. But that only left me without the Energy necessary to actually be productive. 
But it wasn`t necessarily the Hours I was working. Rather, I wasn`t intentional about my own Recovery, which meant that my Energy and Well-Being took a Hit.
Therefore, in 2019 I sought out to reclaim my Energy and my LIFE. And I learned a lot along that Journey. And in this Video, you`ll learn the 9 key Practices you need to do every day to preserve your Energy and stay on Top of your Game for the long Haul.
Enjoy the Video!


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