How to say NO and stop being a PEOPLE PLEASER without feeling guilty! 5 keys to say YES to YOURSELF!

Start saying "YES" to yourself and leave other People`s expectations behind - once and for all!

Do you sometimes struggle with putting yourself first? Do you often feel like you`re letting other People down when you´re saying "NO" to them?

I did for a long Time. And in this Episode of the A-Players Show, we`re going to talk about how we can let go of outside Expectations and stay true to our most authentic Self, so we can show up powerfully and impactful in the World, rather than living other People`s Agendas!

In this Episode you will learn...

#1: Why letting go of People-Pleasing is the most loving thing you can do!

#2: Why you need to say "Yes" to yourself and how to say "No" to others!

#3: Why you might not feel good enough and why you became a People-Pleaser!

#4: How to stop being a People-Pleaser right now and feel worthy TODAY!

#5: And finally, why being a Leader doesn`t mean being a People-Pleaser!

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