3 key Stages of your Workday to double your Productivity!

Have you ever wondered how to maximize your Productivity, but in less time?

For many, becoming more productive means working longer hours. But that doesn`t need to be the case. And in this Video, I`ll introduce a new Way to structure our days.

Because if we can actually structure our Days for Elite Productivity, we`ll be mentally more sharp, we`re feeling more connected to the work itself and...

... we`re generating so much Momentum (by following this Structure)!

Here´s the simple Deconstruction (make sure to watch the Video to go in-detail):

#1: The Relentless Start

For the first 3-4 Pockets of 52-Minute-Deep-Focus-Work, focus on the one thing that moves the Needle forward the most. 

#2: The Midtime Refuel

As you near your Lunch-Break, get done what needs to be done - e.g. Administrative-Work, Meetings, etc. Then have your Break, refuel and reenergize, so you`re ready for...

#3: The Strong Finisher

We always want to end the Workday on a Highnote, so we`re generating so much Momentum. So as you finish the Day, work on one thing that will move the Needle forward and get some major Progress. That way you`ll feel great when you`re finishing on Point that day.

Let me know what you think about the Video!

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