8 Reasons why you never have enough time! How to overcome lack of time!

Ever feeling like you`re never doing enough? Create more Time using these 8 Tools and start feeling content with the Progress you`re making!

As a Parent, I used to feel like I don`t have enough Time available, and I used to always push myself to squeeze every single second of the Day. But somehow, I still wasn`t really moving forward, and I wasn`t really feeling good about it either. 

But once I dove in deeper into Spirituality, I quickly understood why I felt this way:

Lack creates more lack. When we feel like we`re lacking Time, we`re speeding up. And because we`re speeding, time flies by faster and faster. It seems to go by just like that. 

I understood: If I feel abundant of Time, I get more Time. Time is subjective. You can slow it down or speed it up. It´s your choice.

And in this Episode, I share how you can slow down time, so you`ll get more done in less Time, while feeling great about the Progress you`re making.

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