For (aspiring) Youtubers only!

This is how to start a Youtube-Channel the RIGHT Way!

I`m taking you behind the Scenes of my small Youtube-Channel to show you how to start Youtube right (and avoid all the Mistakes I did in creating 100 Youtube-Videos while staying stuck at 20 Subscribers). 


Want to build a Youtube-Channel from SCRATCH, build an Audience, share your Message and get paid for it? This is how to START!

Listen: The Pandemic forced all of us to stay at Home, and while most of the Population consumed Content more than ever, some actually decided to produce Content and make Money online.

Why haven't YOU reached more people and earned a living as a Youtuber?

Why are so many up-and-coming Youtubers FAILING to reach more people and grow faster?

Obviously, there are TONS of Influencers and Youtubers that are absolutely CRUSHING IT!

You see them all the time - people building real personal brands that dominate their topic, grow massive followings, and crush online sales.

But VERY FEW people know how Youtube actually works.

Most people don't even know what to say.

Most don't even know how to START. 

So they spend years figuring out what I could have taught them in days and weeks. Or they don`t start at all.

If you've struggled with this, please listen.

You have a passion, and a ton of life experience and wisdom to share, right?

So why don't YOU have more Subscribers and online Sales for your Business?

Why aren't you sharing your Message, creating more high-valuable content, and selling digital products over-and-over like so many leading influencers?

After all this time and all you've overcome, don't you think you deserve to reach more people and enjoy the abundant lifestyle that comes from building a personal brand and thought leader positioning?

I do. And I think it's time you take this SERIOUSLY before you're left behind in this digital era.

No doubt you've seen all these ordinary People becoming mega Youtubers.

And YOU have just as much PASSION and DESIRE to help and inspire people, right?

So what's wrong?

The issue is NOT desire.


The Issue is that you aren`t sure what´s working.

You haven't been taught the roadmap. You don`t have a Youtube-Mentor who´s done all the Mistakes and can show you what to do (and what NOT to do).

Isn't it true?

Too often, you don't know WHERE to focus.

You don't know HOW to get the ideas and wisdom out of your head and in front of the world. 

You don't know how to create powerful Content, get Eyeballs on your Videos, get Subscribers and Leads, and ultimately, make Money by sharing your Wisdom.

You don't know what to DO -- Monday through Friday -- to gain REAL MOMENTUM growing your Youtube-Channel and Online-Business.


Maybe you're afraid of trying the wrong thing and looking dumb...

.... and that's okay.


  • It's SMART to want to do your Youtube-Channel right the first time...
  • It's SMART to care about the people you serve.
  • It's SMART to care about your integrity, values, and authenticity in building the RIGHT kind of influencer business that's fun and credible and scalable.

If you agree with this, then I bet you can ALSO AGREE that it's SMART to get GREAT TRAINING from someone who has done all the Mistakes and can show you what to do (and what not to do).

It's smart to want a mentor who started from scratch, pushed all the buttons, created over 100 Videos, got no Subscribers and Eyeballs on his Videos, and then, finally figured out how to do Youtube right.

You need someone who actually pushes the dials, who knows what works NOW, and who can show you what Mistakes to avoid when you´re just starting out. 

Today, I'm here to show you that your mentor can be me. That I've done these things. And that I can help YOU.

That's why I'm inviting you to join my Youtube Success Accelerator Challenge.

Save your brand and reputation by doing this RIGHT. 

Do yourself this extraordinary favor and save YEARS (and hundreds of Videos) of mistakes.

Just signup today. You`ve got 30 Days to test it out...

But look...

There's a better way to build your following.

Isn't it time you learn from someone who does it every day, who gets it, who knows what it means to start from SCRATCH and takes you behind-the-scenes to show you EVERYTHING?

Isn't that worth it? Just try me out. If you don't love the training, just ask for your Refund within 30 Days. It´s that simple.

It's your time to master this stuff. Don't get left behind in the digital era. Learn to be a person of influence, to dominate online, to reach more people, to make a real difference and impact with your passions and knowledge. It's your time.


Join the Youtube Success Accelerator Challenge today, only 49$ today. One-Time Payment!

Hi, I am Yannik Matzner.

For a long, I didn`t believe that I would be able to share my own Message or do Video. I was very shy, completely introverted and very insecure. 

Thankfully, though, I decided at some Point that I wanted to live a different Life. Since then I`m on a continuous Quest to optimize myself. 

And in 2019, I decided to share my own Message. I decided to start a Business, and soon started making Videos. A lot of them.

The first ones were horrible. But I stayed in the Game. And did more Videos. Today, I love doing Videos. 

BUT in my first Year of being a Youtuber, I created over 100 Videos, the first 50 of them completely sucked, got only 20 Subscribers and, on Average, 2-3 Views on my Videos. And one of them was always me🙈

It took me 9 Months to make my first Sale in Business🙈

Clearly, I had to learn a lot. I did all the Mistakes one could possibly make

Thankfully, I had awesome Mentors. 

I vividly remember a Moment in February 2020: I had posted my first 20 Videos, but I was stuck at 6 Subscribers.

Yes that´s right. I had 6 Subscribers, after I had been on Youtube for 4 Months. 

Can you imagine how disappointing and discouraging that felt? 

I now had a Choice: give up or level up. 

I knew that what I was doing wasn`t enough. 

I decided to level up. I invested heavily in my Youtube-Growth to find out what it takes to get Eyeballs onto my Videos, convert them into Subscribers and ultimately make Sales in my Influencer-Business. 

It changed the Course of my Youtube-Channel. 

See, at some Point we need to go all in. We need to get Mentors. We need to level up. 

And today, I`m not a huge Influencer...

... but I´ve learned sooo much about what it takes to succeed on Youtube (and in Business)...

... and today I´m offering you to be your Mentor and help you start your Youtube-Channel the right way!

I`ve done over 100 Videos on Youtube alone, tested hundreds of Thumbnails and Titles to get People`s Attention and I know what works and what doesn`t...

I`ve done all the Mistakes. I`ve tested. Tried. Figured out Things that do work. Others that don`t.

Starting from 0 can be daunting. How could you ever get to a Place where you`re going to have Millions of Subscribers, and Sales automatically coming in?🤔 

The Key to gaining Traction on Youtube, fast? 

First and foremost, you need to punch Fear in the Face. You need to be all in. And then you need to learn fast - from others who`ve done it already, from getting outside Feedback and from your own Mistakes. 

I`m taking you behind-the-Scenes of my small Youtube-Channel. Want to peak over my Shoulder as I show you everything to get started, create Content, get Views, Subscribers and Leads?

Watch me behind the Scenes as I walk you through...

  • how to set up your Youtube-Channel for Success!
  • how to create Content that gets People to binge-watch your Videos (so you get Views) and subscribe to your Channel!
  • how to get your Videos seen on Youtube (meaning: how to generate Traffic to your Videos)!

That´s exactly what we´re going to do in the Youtube Success Accelerator Challenge

With the Click of a Button (and just 49$), you`re about to get Access to 21 Days of Youtube Success-Training to help you start your Channel, create Content that People watch and actually grow your Channel. Check out what we´re doing down below...

Join the Youtube Success Accelerator Challenge today, only 49$ today. One-Time Payment!

What we´re doing...

1. Creating high-quality Content that gets and keeps People´s Attention!

2. Getting your Videos seen, so you get Subscribers (and Leads)!

3. Leveraging the most advanced Strategies for Youtube Hypergrowth!

How we`re doing it...

1. Every Day, for 21 Days, I´ll send you one email to a new Training-Video, which shows you exactly what to do.

2. PLUS, we`ll get together for one Live Q&A, where you can ask me your Questions, get me to review your Channel and develop Action-Strategies, so that you grow fast. This is literally worth 10X more than the entire 49€-Tuition. 

3. Access to my private Community, in which you can elicit Feedback and get Accountability, so you actually do what you´re supposed to do. 


1. Laptop and Internet-Access to edit, upload and optimize your Videos.

2. Phone (or Camera) to shoot Videos.

3. Mental Thoughness. We`re definitely going to hit some Roadblocks on our Way to Success. 

State Date...

The Youtube Success Accelerator Challenge starts on Monday.









Registration ends...

As soon as the Challenge starts. 

The Investment...

49$. That´s it. 

This is a ridiculous Offer and we both know it. 

I did over 100 Videos, worked over one Year fullltime on my Youtube-Channel to figure it out, did all the Mistakes, learned from Mentors and invested thousands in my Youtube-Success. And you can shorten your Learning-Curve and avoid all the Mistakes I made for just 49$. One-Time Payment. 

The Reason for the low Price is simple...

This has been priced to help you win. Period. Especially during these crazy Times.

And I know that when you`re just starting out, Costs are a huge Factor. 

Plus, as you`ll soon see, most People who do work with me end up being Customers for years, because they get great Value. 

Today, you win. Don`t let Doubt win no more. Join now, and grant yourself the Opportunity to change your Life by doing what you love and getting paid for it!

If you`re still not sure, here´s why you should join...

1. You can avoid all the Mistakes I did, and jumpstart your Youtube-Success for a Fraction of the Price it cost me to figure this out. For 2.333 bucks/day over 21 Days you can get your Youtube-Channel rocking and get some Views, Subscribers and Leads to build your Business.

2. You`ll have 30 days to test out the entire Program. If it doesn`t meet your expectations, you don`t like my Teaching-Style or anything else, simply ask for your Money back (by replying to any of my emails or via [email protected]). No Questions asked.

3. You get LIFETIME-Access to the Youtube Success Accelerator Challenge. Go at your own Pace, and you can always revisit past Trainings.

PLUS, LIFETIME ACCESS to future Updates of this Course!

SPECIAL BONUS: The Youtube Playbook (Value: 297$)

In this powerful eBook you`ll have a Step-by-Step guide that shows you exactly how to strategically create and launch your Content on Youtube - ready at your Hands at any Time. This is easily worth 10X the Tuition of this Course!

Join the Youtube Success Acclerator Challenge now!

FAST-ACTING BONUS: Youtube Click-Secrets (Value: 167$)

In this secret File I`ll showcase the best-performing Titles and Thumbnails that get Clicks on my Videos. I`ll also be sharing exactly what goes into creating Thumbnails and Titles that persuade People to watch your Videos (and what you should definitely avoid). Start Youtube the right Way now!

Join the Youtube Success Acclerator Challenge now!

Join the Youtube Success Accelerator Challenge today, only 49$ today. One-Time Payment!

Join the Youtube Success Accelerator Challenge today, only 49$ today. One-Time Payment!

QUESTIONS? Email me at [email protected]


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